High Arctic Light: “landscapes of consciousness”

High Arctic Light: “landscapes of consciousness” travels in the high Arctic

LE Shore Gallery  173 Bruce St. S., Thornbury, ON  (519) 599-3681

Opening: Saturday March 30, 2019 2-4 pm, artist present

Exhibition: Saturday March 30 through Saturday April 28, 2019

Janet Read

High Arctic Light: landscapes of consciousness

LE Shore Gallery, 173 Bruce St S, Thornbury, ON N0H 2P0 (519) 599-3681


My current body of work presents “landscapes of consciousness” from a month’s immersion in high Arctic geography. Paintings reference the artist’s “being” in the natural world and encounters with those for whom the high north is both wild and home. These paintings are reflective of my personal experience, always aware that indigenous voices must be heard to tell their own stories and history. My work tells the story of a visitor, a sojourner to a remote and sublime region of Canada.

The high arctic landscape compelled my imagination with its austerity, light, space, fragility and beauty. Wilding and cultivation go hand in hand in this delicately balanced environment. My work explores these dualities to raise awareness of this fragile and beautiful part of our country through explorations of light, earth and sea.

 Read is a painter, musician and poet, who grew up near the shores of Lake Simcoe.


image: “a music more than breath but less than the wind”, 60×48, oil on linen, 2018

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