Waiting for water to remember summer

A thin skin of cat ice grew on the water last December. Ice formed rafts, floating in water that seemed as much sky as lake. In the silence ice chimed, nudging against its neighbour, building up a surface for a new world of ice huts and snowmobiles.

It has been a busy winter on the ice on Kempenfelt Bay.

I started a painting a few weeks ago that reflected winter. Green arrived as the last layer, and I scraped it back to reveal a wink of blue, magenta, mauve and pink.


“The world is mud-luscious …. and puddle-wonderful” says E.E. Cummings

so I keep the blue blink, the eye of the sky in a puddle.

The lake remembering the time before ice, waves warming the shore.


April Green, 40×40, oil on canvas

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