Mirroring the sky

Sky mirrors water, mirrors sky; and light moves from the west to the east, dimming in its last moments.

Light catches in water and bounces back: illumines the air, shifts and turns with the wind.

Cloud bends to water, passes from one state to the other. Where does the water begin and the cloud end? Where does our breath begin?

Evening water, 30×60, oil and alkyd on canvas explores dimensions of reflection and the solemnity of light over water.  Peaceful restlessness: constant fluidity and change mark the atmospheric spaces where vapour, liquid and solid collide.  Levels of light and dark, opacity and clarity speak to us. We mirror the world and the world is born in us.

…..Water is another matter,
has no direction but its own bright grace,
runs through all imaginable colors,
takes limpid lessons
from stone,
and in those functionings plays out
the unrealized ambitions of the foam.

Pablo Neruda (poem, Water)

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